Jan 24, 2013

Birthday Blessings

A birthday is like a cat -- you wake up one morning
and it's right there in your face!

Today is my birthday!  I had decided last week to take a vacation day from work.  I didn't have any plans, I just didn't want to work on my birthday.  So I spent most of the day alone.  I know I said in my post, I'm Going on an Adventure,  that I am lonely, but that loneliness is for a companion to share my life with.  There is such a vast difference between being lonely and being alone.  I have never minded being alone.  I am comfortable with solitude.  Today was a wonderful day of quiet and solitude.

Both of my sisters had birthday wishes for me on Facebook. I so appreciate that even though the three of us are hundreds of miles apart, we can keep in touch daily via social media.

Cheryl (who is only 18 months younger than me but keeps referring to me as her older sister -- okay, okay, I am older than her but it's just mere months!) had posted a baby picture of me (wasn't I just an adorable baby?) and the two of us together (what in the world is up with those hats?)


My little sister, Georgi shared this great Sean Bean meme from the Lord of the Rings as homage to my many viewings of "The Hobbit" (she's seen it a few times herself):

Later in the day a package arrived from Georgi which contained three boxes of Hobbit Tea.  I absolutely love what is written on the back of the Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend:

Served to Thorin and Company -- love it!

I am so thankful for both of my sisters 
(and love that we all share a passion for Middle-earth).

My parents called and sang happy birthday to me.  I shed a few tears as I miss them so much. We are very, very close.  I asked them to call back and sing it to my voice mail so I could have the recording, but my father thought it rather silly.  What can I say?  I am just a sentimental fool!

My fellow managers at work called and sang, but I am not going to share it as I need to protect the innocent.

One of my staff, Tom, who I've worked with for almost 14 years and who is very dear to me, left this message which had me in stitches:

(This will play in Chrome, because it utilizes html 5. I am not certain about other browsers).

Much to my delight I was able to choose the picture of the day at RichardArmitageNet.  Of course, I chose one from the Vicar of Dibley:

A coworker invited me to dinner and a movie. We braved the 7 degrees below zero weather.  We had a great meal and I tried a new wine.  Both were fantastic!  Much to my chagrin I couldn't talk her into seeing "The Hobbit" (what is wrong with some people?!) We saw "Zero Dark Thirty" which I will review in a later post.

I ended the day by thanking each of my friends on Facebook who took the time to wish me a happy birthday -- friends from grade school, high school, college, to present day.

It has been a great day. 
I am truly blessed!


  1. Here's to another birthday greeting for you! Not a day late, but as long as it falls within the next 30 days, it counts :) I call it the "30 days of Valerie birthday goodness"

    So happy to know that you had a wonderful time on your birthday. Hugs!

    1. Aw Velvet, thanks for being such a faithful reader and for the awesome birthday wishes.