Dec 13, 2013

Floofy Friday and Hobbit Day!!!

Floofy Friday with the boys...

I have been enjoying Meg's cats for several years.  She writes from their point of view and she makes me laugh right out loud and sometimes cry.  Her blog, Housecat Confidential was the first pet blog I had ever read. Up until then I didn't even know pet blogs existed!

When my older sister passed away in 1994 I adopted her Maine Coon, Cody, so I was immediately drawn to her Maine Coon, Fin.  When Fin crossed over the bridge a while back I sobbed like a baby.  Meg and her husband now have two adorable Maine Coons, Quill and Grayson, that keep me entertained.

Check it out:  Housecat Confidential  You'll soon feel like you're part of the family.  I know I am (even though they don't know I exist!).

Hobbit Day!!!

Today The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hits theaters world-wide including Bangor.  I've had my ticket for over a week and I'm counting the hours until I can sit back and drink it all in.

My day started with one of those messy adventures that always make you late for supper, I mean, work.  It was 11 degrees F when I left for work. I stopped for my daily large, unsweetened iced tea and as I left the drive-thru I attempted to close the car window to no avail.  It was a rather chilly ride to the garage but they managed to get it back up. I just can't use it until the window motor is replaced.  Who knew the window had a motor?

But that's the thing about adventures...more often than not, they end up rather well.

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