Dec 10, 2013

Crispin's Eclipse: Of Lego, Belstaff and rogue locks of hair

With my wedding coming up in two weeks, I have not been able to follow (as much as I would like, i.e glued to the computer) all of the hoopla surrounding the new hobbit movie.  EEK -- it's this Friday!  And yes, I do have my ticket.

I was delighted when the newest post from Crispin's Eclipse graced my inbox this afternoon.  I so enjoyed reading Inge's take on take on all things Richard and The Hobbit.  I hope you enjoy reading it too:

Crispin's eclipse: Of Lego, Belstaff and rogue locks of hair:

There have been so very many new pictures and interviews and soundbites and livestreams and screencaps and other tidbits this week. I think ...


  1. Oh, thanks for the mention. So happy you enjoyed my post.
    Now, get yourself back to those wedding preparations!! :-)

    I hope you have the most wonderful day!