Feb 4, 2013

The Super Bowl of History

Last night I set my alarm for 4:55 AM so I could listen to BBC Leicester's coverage of the University of Leicester's announcement this morning regarding the results of the DNA tests on the skeleton unearthed a few months ago.

I still marvel from time to time about the wonders of the internet and did so again this morning as I lay in my darkened bedroom.  Over three thousand miles away history was being made and thanks to the internet, I was a part of it. I have always loved history and none more so than English history.  For me this was a thousand times more exciting than any super bowl ever would or could be.

I am not going to go into any detail or analysis about today's findings. There are scholars far more qualified than me you can look to if you are interested in finding out more.  Suffice it to say, the DNA proves the skeleton is Richard III.  Technology is simply awesome!  Not only were they able to prove it was the last Plantagenet King, they were able to do facial reconstruction based on the skull and give us a glimpse of what he may have looked like.  When I saw the picture, I got shivers up and down my spine.

What a glorious day to be alive and witness this!

On the subject of the Super Bowl, I found this quote from country singer Brad Paisley very endearing:
“Nothing is geekier than skipping the Super Bowl and going to ‘The Hobbit.”

February 3, Joy Dare, 3 gifts found in writing:

38.  The Bible
39.  works of CS Lewis
40.  works of JRR Tolkien

Today's Joy Dare, 3 gifts found when bent down:

41.  the remains of a king
42.  the furry faces of my felines
43.  earrings I thought long gone


  1. It was an amazing evening, that's for sure! I didn't go to bed till 4 in the morning I was so riveted by the findings and love how they were so meticulous in their presentation to the media and the world.

    It sent shivers up and down my spine and made me teary eyed as well.

    1. Thank you, Velvet for always taking the time to read my blog and respond.

      Yes, it was amazing! I am so thankful for the miracles of modern technology that is bringing the wonders of history to those that might not have been interested before.