Feb 2, 2013

Pizza, Pinot Noir, and Robin Hood

What does a single woman who's extremely weary after working six days straight  do on a Friday night?  Why she eats a couple slices of pizza, drinks a couple glasses of wine, and watches a couple episodes of  BBC's Robin Hood  -- with friends from all over the world.

Thanks to the genius of two women and Twitter, several of us are "getting together" on Friday nights to watch and tweet.  For more info check out Armitage Watch.

And if your Saturday nights are free, we are watching Spooks (known as MI5 here in the States), 9 PM EST.

After a couple of carefree hours, I become quite a bit more serious while reading Ann's latest blog post, How to be a Better Lover.  The simple intensity of this woman's writing makes me gasp for breath and the tears fall while I read:  
"Marital love is a demanding and dying thing compared to the stuff of movies and mirages. The love of imagination — it’s a different beast entirely than love made in the image of a Saviour with nails in His hands.
The Farmer writes little with pens. He’s a man who prefers to write his love letters with his life.
There are no standing lovers: the only way to love is to lay down.
Lay down plans.
Lay down agendas.
Lay down self.
Love is always the laying down.
This is how to make love out of a marriage: Love lays down it’s own wants to lift up the will of another.
Love lets go of its plans — to hold on to a person

And it leaves me yearning to experience this kind of love -- to know and be known.

Today's Joy Dare:  Three Gifts Red

32.Estancia Pinot Noir
33. OPI "A Oui Bit of Red" 
34. the drops of my Saviour's blood

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