Jan 20, 2013

Saturday Surprises

My grandsons had been begging me to take them to see "The Hobbit" again even though I had already taken them twice. Because I'm a bit of a pushover (ahem) when it comes to them, off we went late yesterday afternoon to see it; they're first viewing in 3D.

What has amazed me each time they are watching it, is how utterly still these very active boys are for almost 3 hours!  I have taken them to many movies and no matter how interested they are, there is always fidgeting, asking me questions, etc., but not so during this movie.  Even in their third viewing, they were totally engrossed, not saying a word, and hardly moving (except to reach for the popcorn).  This is such a testament to the power of Tolkien's story and the magic of Peter Jackson's movie making.

After the movie, a couple who had been sitting behind us commented to me how well behaved my "sons" were during the entire movie.  I thanked them and said they are actually my grandsons.  To my utter delight, they expressed surprise.  (I must admit, this happens quite a bit when I am out and about with them, but it was even sweeter this time because I have that annual birthday thing happening this week).

On the drive home, I asked them who their favorite character is and their favorite scene:

Devon (10):  Thorin  Scene: running down the tree towards Azog
Dylan (9):     Thorin  Scene: cutting off Azog's arm AND Smaug's eye opening
Logyn (6):    Thorin  Scene: hugging Bilbo at the end

And then we sang "Misty Mountains" the rest of the way home.

Even though it was already past their bedtime when we arrived at my apartment, I had promised them that we would at least start watching "The Fellowship of the Ring."  Again, utter quiet and stillness while watching.  We made it all the way to the mines of Moria, at which point I insisted we stop for the night. It would still be another hour before sleep finally came, as they had question after question.  We finished watching it this morning and all three gave it a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

As I dropped them off at home this afternoon, they asked, "When are we going to see "The Hobbit" again?"

My genes are strong in these young lads.

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  1. Awesome post! I sure wish I could watch all the movies with them! I'm with Logyn, I love that scene!