Jan 2, 2013

Gifts Outside, Inside, On a Plate

When I was participating in the photo a day challenge last year, my daughter was always reminding me to not take the photo prompts so literally.  She said I needed to think outside the box.  The main reason I joined that challenge was to make myself more aware of my surroundings and hopefully, a bit more creative.

So here I sit tonight with my three gratitude prompts and I'm thinking literally, yet again.

5. Outside -- it's 1 degree.  I'm thankful that I live in a climate that is always changing.

6. Inside -- I'm thankful for my warm apartment!

7. On a plate -- pizza.  I love pizza!

I discovered a new interview with Richard Armitage today.

Richard Armitage in Nylon Guys, January 2013
Honor, loyalty, nobility, corruption.  True when Tolkien wrote the book, and true today, 76 years later.

I found this article interesting:  The Hobbit: an essentially Christian story?
As well as this news from today:  JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis joint work discovered  If only they had finished that book...

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